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A specialized team that researches, develops and promotes the culture of wellness

Farmabarocco is a company, with an interest in integrated medicine and Health”, located in the south east of Sicily where the extraordinary beauty of its wild nature combines with that of the Sicilian Baroque of the early 700’s which characterises places and people.
Baroque represents a great moment of rebirth after the devastating earthquake of 1693, moment in which everything was inevitably buried! At that moment, something extraordinary happened: a collective momentum allowed the reconstruction of the town to be immediate, that way, from the ruins, the whole south east of Sicily was rebuilt into lovely villages and cities perched on the hills and overlooking the sea. As in a mirage, these places appear today so astonishing that they have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


That same spirit of enthusiasm and initiative as well as the desire to amaze accompanies our mission for integrated medicine!



Farmabarocco was founded by Dr. Antonio Liuzzo with the intention to share the knowledge and services of a specialized pharmacist. To protect, sustain and guarantee the best quality of life for patients while guiding them towards the best integration with conventional therapies available. These objectives have always been the foundations of Farmabarocco.


Continuous medical update along with the constant search of the most innovative methodologies as well as the subsequent specialization on Integrated Oncology has led Farmabarocco to its natural evolution:

Farmabarocco – Integrated Medicine Division.


The interest for Natural Medicine and Phytotherapy; knowledge of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Botany, supported by the most recent and innovative studies has led us to create the Nutraceutical Research & Development department, where Science and Nature coexist.


The company is ever more focused on the research and development of the nutraceutical pharmaceutical field. With the objective to improve the life of people using an approach that integrates diverse multidisciplinary skills, innovative technologies, natural remedies and solid ethical principles. Thanks to an already consolidated national and international scientific network that continues to grow over the years availed from the collaboration of diverse qualified doctors, institutes and prestigious universities.


Our mission is aimed directly at innovation, quality and the development of the most sophisticated patents in the world as well as our clinical and lab experience to achieve the highest standards of success and recognition in the world of Pharma.

Our Team

Famabarocco's Soul

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Antonino Liuzzo


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Enza Russino


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Pierluigi Rosa


An ever growing network formed by qualified doctors, universities, research institutes and specialized companies